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Visual Lab offers comprehensive support throughout the design-to-print journey, catering to your needs at every step. Whether you’re seeking assistance with conceptualising a new packaging design or managing design delivery and print production, we’ve got you covered.

With five decades of experience under our belt, we’ve honed efficient strategies for transitioning from concept to printed packaging while upholding your brand’s quality standards at every turn. We are dedicated to realising your brand vision throughout the entire process.

Our creative studio boasts a talented team of packaging designers with extensive experience crafting top-tier packaging designs for some of Australia’s largest FMCG brands. Their creative prowess ensures optimal outcomes for your brand with each project.

Craig Feeley

National Business Manager at Asahi

“12 months ago, we embarked on a journey to define what ‘best in class’ eCommerce content looked like for beverages. We searched far and wide for global examples, but quickly realised that we had the opportunity to set a new benchmark for the world to follow. Today, I am proud to say that we have delivered the best Pepsi product pages in the world to coincide with the unmissable relaunch of this iconic brand!..”

Brand Development

We specialise in brand development for
clients, crafting distinctive identities,
compelling messaging, and strategic
marketing to enhance brand
recognition, loyalty, and market


Supporting clients in the efficient
roll-out procedures, meticulously
managing the transition ensuring
a seamless and successful launch of
visual content and brand strategies.

Master Creative

With a team blending artistic brilliance and
market acumen, we deliver captivating
visuals that elevate your brand’s identity
and messaging to stand out in the
competitive landscape.


We offer clients meticulous
proofing services, guaranteeing
accuracy and quality assurance
before final production. Our attention
to detail ensures error-free content for a
flawless presentation.


Visual Lab is your go-to partner for a wide

range of comprehensive solutions that

encompass every aspect of visual content

and brand development.

Doritos Rollout

For many years, PepsiCo has consistently placed their trust in the Visual Lab team, tasking
them with the ongoing responsibility of crafting a comprehensive suite of e-commerce
images across its diverse portfolio of snack brands in both the Australian
and New Zealand markets.


Enhance packaging design decisions with our
high-quality, interactive, 360-degree digital
renders. Photorealistic, colour-accurate
views from finished artwork save time
and money, ensuring timely delivery
for web display.


We enhance brand marketing on
digital/social platforms by fostering
emotional connections, highlighting
product utility, and reinforcing identity.


Lifestyle images enhance marketing by creating
emotional connections and showing product
use, establishing brand identity, and
boosting engagement and consumer
interest on digital platforms.


Visual Lab excels in 3D/2D renders
for digital platforms, adhering to GS1,
SkuVantage, and retailer standards,
enhancing visibility and integration for
improved engagement and sales.


Visual Lab excels in delivering diverse
digital services, including product renders,
lifestyle imagery, and social media content, covering
all facets of visual branding and content creation.

Redrock Deli

PepsiCo entrusts Visual Lab with the task of producing photorealistic, true-to-life 3D digital
renders for the entire range of Red Rock Deli snacking products. This collaboration reflects a
shared dedication to presenting these products with unparalleled visual appeal and authenticity.


Our DAM system provides scalable,
cost-efficient plans, charging only for needed
storage. Start small, upgrade seamlessly,
and avoid paying for unused space,
fitting all growth stages


Visual Library offers scalable DAM
storage solutions tailored for your
growing business, ensuring efficient
asset management and cost-effective
scalability to match your
expansion needs.


Visual Library uses Google’s servers for secure
cloud storage, offering elite security through
robust protocols like encryption and
continuous monitoring, ensuring data
protection and reliability.


Use a Media Library to centralise,
view, share, and monitor images
and brand assets in the cloud,
empowering effective management
and usage regulation.


Visual Library’s scalable DAM system
leverages Google Cloud servers, offering secure,
adaptable storage solutions for your growing
needs with top-tier security and efficiency.


Send us a message with your requirements along with any reference files you may have and we’ll get back to you shortly.