What file format can I upload to create my render?

You can upload a range of file formats to create your render. For best results, we recommend PDF or a working Adobe Illustrator or InDesign file. You can also upload as many reference files as required to assist in the creation of your bespoke render or lifestyle images.

What file format will my renders be supplied in?

Your renders and lifestyle images can be supplied in a variety of formats, simply select your option during the build process.

What are the benefits of using packaging renders?

Packaging renders offer several advantages, such as:

  • Cost savings: Renders eliminate the need for physical prototypes and photography reducing production costs.
  • Realistic visualization: Renders provide a highly detailed and accurate representation of the packaging, enabling stakeholders to assess its aesthetics and functionality.
  • Time efficiency: Renders allow for quick and easy modifications to the design without having to recreate physical prototypes.
  • Marketing and pre-sales: Renders can be used for promotional materials and marketing campaigns, giving customers a preview of the final product.

Who owns Visual Lab?

Visual Lab is fully owned and operated by Kirk Group, the leading image-carrier technicians celebrating over 50 years in Australia & New Zealand